Early Descendants of John Williams, "The Wealthy Welshman" 

of Hanover County, Virginia. Born 1679, Llangollen, Wales.

Williams Coat of Arms, as depicted in "Williams 300 Years of Leadership in America:
A History of the Descendants of John Williams of Llangollen, Wales".

This sketch relies heavily on the works of others, both generations past and living. I rely heavily upon the work of Lewis James Williams, III, Joseph Lanier Williams, Rebecca Turner Williams, Lewis Lanier Williams, in their publication, "Williams 300 Years of Leadership in America: A History of the Descendants of John Williams of Llangollen, Wales".  I also rely on the work of John E. Williams of Ozark, Missouri, Lucille Wright, of Redlands, CA, Doris Williams of Beaverton, OR, Evelyn Sass of Portland, OR, Melton Williams of Amarillo, Texas, Sen. John Sharp Williams, John D. Williams, Fran Laird of Bel Air, MD, Kay Marie Metsker Galloway of Lawrenceville, GA.,  Willmetta Wiles Cooper, Helena, MT, Eugene Hampton. Sloan L. Robertson, Phoenix, AZ.

Limits of this Compilation:

Since our Williams clan is so large, this sketch is limited to five or six generations, starting with our immigrant ancestor, John Williams, "the Wealthy Welshman". Furthermore, I am limiting this sketch to descendants that are born with the Williams surname. There are a couple of  exceptions where some fascinating information is included, such as Col. Richard Irving Dodge and Isaac Baldwin, but otherwise that is the limit.) This is not to show any disrespect to the maternal Williams lines. I realize that their children are precious family history too, but the burden right now is too much for me to undertake at this time. Please do not hesitate to send me your information, I will print it out, save for reference, and hopefully use in future updates.

I am also limiting this sketch to individuals born before 1900. This is to protect the privacy of living individuals, particular information on their mother (which financial institutions routinely and foolishly use for verification purposes.)

Please contact me if you have information to share. I am also interested in providing illustrations, such as early portraits or photographs.  Scott K. Williams, at showmemule"at"earthlink.net (replace "at" with @ ).

Williams DNA Surname Project:

The male lineage of our Williams family belongs to the Y-Chromosome Haplogroup, R1b which is associated with the earliest inhabitants of western Europe. We are descended from the indigenous people residing in the British-Irish Isles. These were represented by the ancient tribes of Britannia-- those that lived there before the Anglo-Saxons invaded.

Even though the "Williams" name is of Germanic origin, early British census records indicate the name is highly concentrated in Wales and the region around Liverpool and north to the borders of Scotland. Historically, "William" became popular after the victory of "William the Conquerer", from Normandy successfully overthrew the Anglo-Saxons, which brought this name to popularity. In fact, an entire wing of William's army were ethnic Britons that took refuge in Brittany, France that were anxious to reclaim their homeland. So besides the name being popular to Anglo-Normans, it would have been very popular to the aboriginal Britons, which includes the Welsh. As the Britons were merely pawns in the conquest, we know the Anglo-Normans eventually took all of "England", made serfs of the Britons and pushed the remainder to take refuge in Wales, Cornwall, or to withdrawal to the borderlands with Scotland. There was also a considerable number of Welsh/Britons that migrated to the kingdoms of Ireland and became Irish as did even fleeing Anglo-Saxons (old English).

It is known that the Welsh did not have last names, as we know them. Traditionally after one's first name, there was an "Ap" that essentially meant "son of". The English did not like that system and outlawed it. They wanted fixed last names that were inherited. So in historic times, sometime as late as the 1500-1600's, Welsh families were given last names. Since William ("Gwilym" in Welsh) was a very common first name, anyone named "Ap Gwilym" became "Williams". So although persons of the Williams surname may have common ethnic origins, there are literally hundreds of Williams surnames unrelated in immediate genealogical terms. So if there is no paper trail to follow, there is no way to know of a near relationship unless one can participate in the Williams Surname Y Chromosome DNA project. 

The Past Rediscovered, Ancient Origins

The National Geographic Genographic project, which I have been a participant, has been revolutionary in redefining the Prehistoric past.

We know in prehistoric times, our ancestors likely weathered out the Ice Age in present day Spain or in the caves of the Pyrenees Mountains. The Cro-Magnon cave art is believed to have been painted by  R1b people. And no longer do archeologist speak of a Celtic invasion or Germanic invasions as wiping out the aboriginal populations of western Europe. The genetic history recorded in DNA, indicates that the aboriginal people of genetic marker R1b, while they assimilated language and other traits, not only survived their conquerors but out-reproduced them.

What we do know is the aboriginal people of Britannia-Hibernia-Caledonia were hunter-gatherer's till about 2,500 B.C. (surprisingly not that long ago). They probably originally spoke a language similar to that of the Basque and not Celtic as we know it. At about 2,500 B.C. things started changing. Bronze axes started replacing the highly cherished polished stone axes. Beakers (the beer-stein's of the day) started appearing. This was probably the result of peaceful trade. But the farming of grain, metal technology and horses brought radical change. As merchants arrived from the East, a new language arrived as well. With that was likely a blending of religions. Also a new style of rectangular houses made so farm animals could share the same house. That brought wealth and villages swelled in population. But due to all the new diseases, especially from co-occupation with animals--it did not expand the lifespan as many died of disease. [Almost the scenario as to how aboriginal Americans experienced but certainly not nearly as severe.] Gradually the western R1b population began speaking the language we know today as Celtic. "Celtic" was probably  the local way to speak the new incoming Indo-European language. It varied from place to place, like Gaelic and Briton (Welsh) is different today. Just like Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese became the local way of speaking Latin (Roman), centuries later. The Basque are an anomaly unlike any language on earth today. Since they occupy the heartland of R1b country, and share the same genetic markers, they are likely remnant speakers of the aboriginal R1b people, although their language too has evolved over time.

Group 12 of the Williams Surname Y-Chromosome DNA Project.

Currently there are several confirmed descendents of our Williams clan that have participated in this project. The Y-Chromosome is passed down from father to son just like the Williams surname is passed down. All male descendants of our Williams clan will have identical or nearly identical Y-Chromosome markers.  The earliest participants in this project are Lewis Lanier Williams, John Eutsler Williams, author of "By-Gone Days" a history of Ozark, Missouri (sadly now deceased), and myself (Scott K. Williams). We are listed as "Group 12" on the Williams DNA Surname Project webpage.  So if there are any male Williams' that suspect they may belong to John Williams, "The Wealthy Welshman" Clan, then all one needs to do is to request a 37 marker test (25 marker may not yield a tight enough match to provide a convincing close relationship).

John Williams, "The Wealthy Welshman" (Group 12) Story Begins:

John Williams. (A few sources may  use "Jonathon", but I will use "John", as that is the name that John Drayton Williams recorded in 1845 and  I will continue with this tradition.**). John Williams was born 26 January 1679 in Llangollen, Wales. [** John Drayton Williams, the grandson of Brig Gen. James Henderson Williams (killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain), recorded in 1845, names and  birthdates of early family members. These he kept with the family Bible. In 1910 Barbara A. McClung, copied these records, loaned to her by Wm. D. Williams, Jr. of Greenville, Tenn. Where ever possible I use the dates, like John's birth, used in this document. ]

A view of Llangollen (Berwyn valley, circa 1895)

John's wife  was named Mary_____, b. 26 Sept 1684. (Mary's full name is generally accepted as Mary Keeling, the d/o of Capt. George Keeling and Ursula Fleming. If so she was born in America.) John is believed to have immigrated to America in the 1690's. He  appears to have first settled on Queens' Creek in York County, Virginia but they later moved to Hanover County, Virginia and built their home "Studley" sometime before 1712.

Why was John wealthy? Some surmise he earned his wealth like other immigrants to Virginia often did, by growing tobacco. That is possible. He probably was a good wheeler-dealer, made money off that, possibly land as well. But most definitely, the early generations of the family were involved in the distilling of Whiskey. This I am sure is a trade that was brought over from Wales, as it seems to be a popular beverage from all the countries that border the Irish Sea. In fact as late as 1904, the family was advertising the sale of Old Williams Whiskey from their distillery in Williams, Surry County, North Carolina. It states that "The Old Williams Company" of Williams, N.C. was founded in 1768. This business was run by the descendants of John's son Nathaniel (b. 1712). It is probably a family trade handed down over the generations dating much earlier. Just my guess.

Ancestral home ("Studley")  in Hanover County, Virginia, circa 1700-1712. From Appleton's Cyclopedia, 1888.

 John and Mary Williams had eight American born children. [Note: These children are designated with the Roman numeral bullets, highlighted in yellow, in the outline below, or follow the bookmarked links. ( I. John (b. 1704), II. Mary (b. 1706), III. Ann (b. 1708), IV. Daniel (b. 1710), V. Nathaniel (b. 1712), VI. Elizabeth (b. 1714), VII. Sarah W. (b. 1716), VIII. Joseph, (b. 1721).

All offspring of the male children are listed, where known. These names are in bold, underlined, and listed in normal numerical outline format. For this generation if they are not siblings to one another, then they are first cousins to one another for their generation. (Children of female lines may be listed at some point in the future).

The third generation of American born descendants are all marked in bold green (not underlined, unless hyperlinked). All individuals of this generation, if they are not siblings or first cousins, they are at least second cousins to one another. This helps show the near kinship this family retains although they no doubt become isolated from one another across mountains, forests and hundreds of miles. It is interesting to see how often the same given names are used when it has been only three generations passing since the original siblings (highlighted in yellow) all lived in the same home.

  1. John Williams, b. 26 July 1704, Va.. Married Mary Womack

    1. John Williams, known as "John Williams of Mountpelier",  b. 4 Mar 1731, Hanover Co., Va. d. 10 Oct. 1779. Buried at cemetery, Montpelier, NC. On 12 Nov 1759, married Agnes Bullock of Granville Co., NC . Not content with his trade in Carpentry, he became a crown attorney. In 1768 he served as deputy attorney general. He donated portions of his land for the creation of Williamsboro, North Carolina. He was a co-founder of  the University of North Carolina. He served as a delegate to the Provincial Congress of 1775, a member of the Continental Congress, North Carolina Supreme Court Judge.

    2. Charles Williams

    3. William Williams

    4. Nathaniel Williams, Married to Elizabeth Keeling (1/2 sister to the mother of George Washington)

    5. Agatha Williams, married Col. Robert Burton of Granville Co., NC

  2. Mary Williams, b. 1 Sept 1706, Hanover Co., Va.. Married Henry Graves.

  3. Ann Williams, b. 1 Sept 1708, Hanover Co., Va.. Married John Daniel.

  4. Daniel Williams, b. 28 Sept 1710, Hanover Co., Va. d. 15 Nov 1757. Will proved 15 Nov 1759, Granville Co., NC. On 19 Oct 32, married Ursula Clark Henderson.

    1. Maria Williams, named spelled "Merya" in father's will.. 26 July 1733, Married Benjamin Goodman.

    2. Henry Williams, b. 3 Nov, 1734. d. 1796 Caswell Co., NC. Married Elizabeth _________  In 1771 Charter Member of Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburg Co., VA. Executor of brother's will (Brig. Gen. James Henderson Williams). Also resided in Mecklenburg Co., Va. (1772 and before) and Orange County, NC. (Compiled by Fran Laird, Bel Air, MD) Will of Henry Williams, dated 1785, Caswell Co., NC

      1. Sarah "Sally" Williams, b. bef 1771, prob Mecklenburg Co., Va. Married ________ Brooks.

      2. Susannah Williams, b. bef 1771, prob Mecklenburg Co., Va.

      3. Nancy Williams, b. bef 1771, prob Mecklenburg Co., Va.

      4. Daniel Williams. b.          prob Mecklenburg Co., Va. Married Ann Rice, 5 Jan 1786 Caswell Co., NC. (Marriage bondsman, Anthony Thompson.)

      5. Nathan Williams, b. 26 Dec 1776, prob Orange Co., NC. Married Frances McNeil on 24 Nov 1796. d. 14 Jun 1838, Henry Co., TN.

        1. John McNeil Williams, b. 28 Aug 1799, d. 1860.  Married Lucy Ann Courts in Mar 23, 1819.

          1. George Courts Williams, b. ca 1829.  Married Ann Ferguson. (source: Eloise Phillips of Jackson, TN)

            • Fannie Williams, married ______ Morgan.

            • :Lou Ella Williams, married John Nathaniel McCutchen

      6. Henry Williams

      7. Elizabeth Williams

      8. Mary Williams, Married ______ Slade.

      9. Wesley Duke Williams,

    3. John Williams, b. 4 Nov 1737, Hanover Co., VA, d. 1794 Edgefield County, SC. Will probated 14 Oct 1794. Married 1st Mary Atwood; 2nd Anna Maria Gooch (spelled "Gouge" in transcribed will at SC State Archives.). She was the widow of  Joseph Minter, that died ca 1784.  In 1771/2 moved to Dist 96, SC. Settle on Mudlick Creek.

      1. Duke Williams, b. ca 1765, prob. Granville Co., NC, d. 1795/1796 Edgefield Dist., SC. Married abt 1788 to Martha "Patsey" Campbell (d/o Capt. Agnus Campbell and Martha Logan; 2nd Jesse Paine (Payne). "Duke kept a tavern in Laurens County, SC starting in 1787", but moved sometime after 1789 to Edgefield District. (Information on Duke's descendants from Randolph Currie, 2006)

        1. John Duke Williams, b. abt 1789; died young.

        2. Mary Ann "Polly" Williams, born 1791, d. 1859. Married Rev. Alexander Travis, b. 25 Aug 1790, d. 2 Dec 1852.

        3. Elizabeth Williams, b. abt. 1792. Married Garland Burt, s/o Robert Burt. Garland died 10 Dec 1829, Wilcox Co., Alabama.

        4. Caroline Matilda Williams, b. 1794, d. abt 1850. Married 1st: Phillip Goode, who died Feb 1817.  Married 2nd: William Payne, Jr. He died 1823.

      2. James Atwood Williams, Married 1st cousin, Mary Williams, d/o James Henderson Williams and Mary Wallace.

      3. Joseph Williams

      4. Mary Williams

      5. Rebecca Williams, Married 1st John Bullock, Jr. Married 2nd, 1st cousin, Col. James Williams, Jr., s/o James Henderson Williams and Mary Wallace.

      6. Elizabeth Williams. Married William Caldwell (William was the executor of Col. John Williams' will) William Caldwell
        died, Dec.1814, and his son, Williams Caldwell was born after his death. The mother, Elizabeth died soon afterwards. Source: "Annals of Newberry County".

    4. James Henderson Williams, b. 10 Nov 1740. near Old Fork Church, Hanover Co., VA, died 8 Oct 1780, Battle of Kings Mt., Gaston Co., NC.  Married Mary Wallace in 1762. Left Granville Co., NC in 1772. Was living along the Little River in Laurens Co., SC in 1773. He was a farmer, ran a mill, and a merchant. In physical appearance, he was a man of five feet, 9 inches. His complexion dark with black hair, eyes brown. Spiritually, he was an elder in the Little River Presbyterian Church of the Laurens District. In the Revolutionary war he served in the 1775-1776 1st and 2nd South Carolina Provincial Congress. In 1775 he became the Captain of Militia. At the Siege of Ninety-Six, Capt. James H. Williams watched the loyalist forces surrender under a white flag. Promoted to Lt. Col. of Militia in 1776, during the campaign against the pro-British Cherokees, his unit withstood being encircled and suffered deadly fire. A bayonet charge broke the Cherokees force and they took flight. His unit was then ordered to Florida to fight a Tory force there. The Army suffered from heat, hunger, thirst, not to mention disease and had to turn back. His time in the Army was not without controversy. He had to improvise unorthodox ways to obtain supplies, meet the needs of his men, as well as to provide support for the civilian population often defenseless in times of local crisis.  Much of the wartime criticism Williams received was based upon individuals who only knew part of the story of the danger that Williams' militia faced. In spite of this Lt. Col. Williams led his men the Battle of Stono Ferry, Briar Creek, Siege of Savannah, Battle of Musgrove's Mill. For his victory at Musgrove Mill, he was awarded the rank of  Brigadier General of South Carolina Militia by the Governor. At the Battle of Kings Mountain, James was mortally wounded and died the next day.  According to eyewitnesses he was shot after the enemy raised the white flag.  Before dying, Williams was carried by horse 12 miles before dying on the banks of the Broad River near the mouth of Buffalo Creek. He was initially buried at this location but  in 1917, his remains were transferred to an vault at the Carnegie Library in Gaffney, SC. Today there is a large monument erected for him at Kings Mountain National Battlefield. (Sources:  "Commanders At Kings Mountain", by J. D. Bailey, A Press, Inc., Greenville, SC; 1992. Article by Isabell Witherspoon Foster.)

      1. Daniel Williams, b. ca 1763 Granville Co., NC. Served as Lieutenant and Captain under Col. Benton and Gen. Marion. He served under his father at the Battle of Kings Mountain in Oct. 1780 and witnessed his death.. Daniel was later executed alongside his brother on 9 Nov 1781 by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham at Haye's Station, South Carolina during the American Revolution. (Source: The Patriots at Kings Mountain, by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press, 1990.) The situation at Haye's Station came when Col. Joseph Hays' blockhouse came under attack by the Tory, Bloody Bill Cunningham. The block house sat near the Little River Presbyterian Church. Among the 23 defenders of the block house, including Daniel and his brother, Joseph, were women and children. The house was set ablaze, by red-hot blacksmith irons thrown on the roof.  Colonel Hays requested they be allowed to surrender if they be treated as prisoners of war.  Cunningham consented but violated his oath when the group exited the blockhouse. Sparing only one man, Reuben Golden and some women and children, he began executing the defenders. Cunningham personally hacked them to pieces with his sword.

      2. Joseph Williams, b. ca. 1767 Granville Co., NC. He served under his father at the Battle of Kings Mountain in Oct. 1780 and witnessed his death.. Joseph was later executed alongside his brother on 9 Nov 1781 by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham at Haye's Station, South Carolina during the American Revolution. (Source: The Patriots at Kings Mountain, by Bobby Gilmer Moss, Scotia-Hibernia Press, 1990.) After seeing his older brother about to be executed and believing he was going to be spared, Joseph cried out, "Oh! Brother Daniel, what shall I tell mother ?" To this Cunningham yelled, "You shall tell her nothing, you d__d  Rebel Suckling!"

      3. John Williams, b. ca. 1769, d. "poisoned at close of Revolutionary War while away on family business", possibly in Virginia.

      4. Elizabeth Williams,  d. ca 1807 Musgrove Mill, Laurens Co., SC.  Married James Tinsley. Buried Williams Fam Cem, Laurens Co., South Carolina

      5. Mary Williams, Married James Atwood Williams, son of John Williams and Ann Maria Gouge.

      6. Sarah Williams, Married John Griffin abt 1787.

      7. James Williams, Jr., d. August 13, 1833, Newberry, SC. Married Rebecca Watts. (2nd wife: Rebecca Williams Bullock, his widowed 1st cousin, d/o Col. John Williams of Edgefield, S.C.)

      8. Washington Williams, b. August 22, 1771 Laurens Co., South Carolina, d. June 24, 1829. Married Sarah Griffin.

        1. John Drayton Williams, b. 20 Jan 1798, Laurensville, SC. Died 25 Jun 1870.  Married Phoebe Cox Young on 20 Dec 1825. John Drayton Williams owned vast real estate in Laurens County. He lived in an Italian style villa in Laurens. He owned another estate was called "Spring Grove". A summer house was known as "White Plains". Another estate known as "Milton". He owned  225 slaves.  He was a promoter of education: Commissioner of Free Schools, on the Board of Limestone Female High School, and trustee of Laurensville Female College.  He was generous supporter of various churches including an Independent Church, Presbyterian Church, a "Free" Church and the Bethabara Baptist Church. He earned his title of Colonel from serving as a State Representative.  He served on the Southern Rights Convention. As a State Representative he voted in favor of  the Secession from the Union. Perhaps most importantly, John Drayton Williams was a person who recorded family history.  (Source: Article by Isabell Witherspoon Foster.)

          1. Sarah R. Williams, b. 18 May 1828, d. Aug 1829

          2. James Washington Williams, b. 1830, d. 1835

          3. John Griffin Williams, b. 1833, d. 1902. Married Nancy Isabel Campbell. No children.

          4. Mary Elizabeth Williams, b. April 1835, d. Jun 1863 Married Prof. Robert Garlington. (Died in childbirth.)

          5. Susan Nancy Williams, b. Aug 1837, d. Jun 1866. Married Capt. John G. Garlington.

          6. Washington Albert Williams, b. 1839, d. 25 Sept 1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga

          7. Caroline Ketturah Williams, b. May 1842, d. 1846.

          8. Lucy Margaret Williams, b. Oct 1845.

          9. Pheobe Young Williams, b. Aug 1848. Married Dr. James Harvey Witherspoon on 25 Jun 1873. Three sons produced from this marriage.

    5. Joseph Williams, b. 6 Sep, 1742. d. 3 Jun 1766 Orange Co., NC. Married Sarah Lanier. (widow, Sarah Lanier Williams, married 2nd: Joseph's cousin, Robert Williams (b. 1744), s/o Nathaniel and Elizabeth Williams.

    6. Mary Williams, b. 30 May, 1745. Married Isaac Mitchell

    7. Daniel Williams, b. 2 Jul 1747. On 30 July 1765, Orange Co., NC, married Ann Henderson, his 1st cousin. War Service: Lt. in American Revolution; Capt. in Tennessee Militia. [Not all of the below children have been confirmed].

      1. Samuel Williams b. 1766 probably Granville Co., NC.  Note: Samuel was a major creditor to his first cousin's estate, Duke Williams (b. abt 1765) located in Edgefield, SC, probated 1797.

      2. Daniel Williams, b. 1768, Granville Co., NC

      3. Joseph Williams, b. 1770, Granville Co. NC

      4. Betsey Williams, b. 1774 Caswell Co., NC

      5. David  Williams, Jr., b. 1776 Caswell Co., NC

      6. Henry Williams

  5. Nathaniel Williams, b.2 Dec 1712, Hanover Co., Va., d. ca. 1763. Va.;  Abt. 1763, married to Elizabeth Washington, b. 21 June 1717, Middlesex Co., Va.

    1. Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams, b. circa 1739. Married ______ Hicks.

    2. John Williams, b. 7 July 1740, Hanover Co., Va. d. in late Nov or early Dec, 1804, Orange Co., NC. Buried at Locust Hill cemetery, on his old plantation between Yanceyville and Reidsville, NC.  Married 16 Mar 1767, Lunenburg Co., Va to Elizabeth "Betsy" Williamson, b. abt 1744 in Lunenburg Co., Va., d. 15 Apr 1831 NC. Member of the Hillsboro Provincial Congress, along with his brothers Nathaniel and Joseph. War Service: Served in the French and Indian War. Appointed Lt. Col. in Revolutionary Army, promoted to Colonel in 1776 by Provincial Congress. Served under George Washington and Nathaniel Greene.

      1. Marmaduke "Duke" Williams, b. 14 Feb 1768, Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC, d. 22 Sept 1834.  Married 4 Nov 1790, to Ede Harris, b. 6 Sept, 1775, d. 26 Nov 1816. Ede was the daughter of Tyree Harris.

        1. John Williams, b. 8 Jan 1792 Caswell Co., NC. Came to Matagorda County, Texas with his brothers in Dec 1823. Listed as one of Austin's "Old Three Hundred". Settled on land in the Cedar Lake area. Never married, will probated 2 May 1839..

        2. Betsy W. Williams, b. 3 Oct 1793. Possibly "Elizabeth" that married Robert P. Harrison.

        3. Robert Harris Williams, "Gentleman Bob", b. 10 Oct 1796 Caswell Co., NC; Arrived in Texas, Dec 1823 and settled in Matagorda County, then a part of Mexico. Founded a plantation known as Caney Crossing or Camp Crossing which was on the road from Matagorda to Brazoria. In Dec 1826 he was already an "Alcade", appointed by Stephen Austin to serve as a kind of magistrate.  In the early days he had many engagements fighting Indians. By 1827 Williams had married his 1st wife, Anna.  Williams pledged allegiance to Mexico and faithfully enforced its laws. In 1827 he once ordered a Baptist preacher to stop addressing the people as it violated the laws. He also recollected marriages were by legal bonds, then later sanctified by the Holy Catholic Church. By 1827, he had the third cotton gin in the colony of Texas. In 1832, with the rank of a Colonel, Robert Harris Williams the Battle of Velasco where he lost an eye to a splinter (after which he wore a patch the rest of his life). In 1833, he married 2nd to Mary Lawson White, daughter of Benjamin Jobe White. During the Texas Revolution, Robert provided provisions to the Army.  From 1847 to 1851, he was Postmaster of Caney Crossing. Died 11 Sept 1880.

          1. Christopher H. "Kit" Williams, b. 1838, d. 1916. "Kit" attended the University of Nashville in Tennessee, then attended medical school at the old Louisiana School of Medicine. In 1861 Kit married Miss Theresa Herbert. During the Civil War, "Kit" entered service as a Lt. of Infantry. He was in command of a fort at the mouth of the Brazos River in Texas. All was quite until the fort was shelled all day by an Union ironclad, until he was ordered to withdrawal to another location (Brownsville) on the Rio Grande. There he was promoted to a Captain, prior to the war ending in June of 1865. Kit's home was known as Rotherwood, located on Caney Creek. In 1873, Mrs. Theresa Herbert Williams died. On 30 May 1881, Kit married 2nd to Mrs. Alice B. Heidt (widow, daughter of Judge Rugeley). Five children born to the second marriage. "Kit" Williams also served Justice-of-the-peace, Notary Public and County Commissioner.

            • Jane Williams, married Mr. Spillman of Galveston. (first marriage)

            • Laura Roberta Williams, married John Rugeley (first marriage)

            • unknown child (first marriage)

            • unknown child (first marriage)

            • Christopher H. Williams, Jr. (2nd marriage)

            • Jessie M. Williams  (2nd marriage)

            • Ada C. Williams  (2nd marriage)

            • Robert H. Williams  (2nd marriage)

            • Carlisle H. Williams  (2nd marriage)

          2. Lydia E. Williams, b. 1840; Married George W. Caldwell. Resided in San Antonio.

          3. Maria L. Williams, b. 1842; Married Joseph T. Fry, 21 Nov 1859, a physician from Tennessee.

          4. Laura Roberta Williams, b. 1845; Married George P. Bass.

          5. Robert H. Williams, Jr., b. 1852 (killed in accident at age 16.)

        4. Christopher Harris Williams, b. 18 Dec 1798, Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC, d. 22 Nov 1857.  Married Jan Allison on 9 Dec 1819.  U.S. Congressman for 1837-1843 and 1849-1853. Practiced law in Lexington, Tennessee.

          1. Mary Ann Williams, b. 17 Sept 1821, d. 3 Oct 1821

          2. Ede Harris Williams, b. 31 Aug 1822, d. 24 Aug 1826

          3. James Allison Williams, b. 26 Oct, 1824, d. 7 Dec 1827

          4. Duke Williams, b. 30 July 1827, d. 24 Mar 1857.

          5. Christopher Harris Williams, Jr., b. 14 Mar 1830, d. 6 Apr 1862. Married Annie Louise Sharp. Annie died after giving birth to her third child, "Kit". Served in the U.S. Army under Jefferson Davis in the Mexican War. Was appointed Colonel of the 27th Tenn Vol. Infantry, CSA. He was killed leading a charge at the Battle of Shiloh.

            • John Sharp Williams, b. 30 July 1854 in Memphis, TN; d. 27 Sept 1932. Married Elizabeth Dial Webb, d/o Dr. Robert Dickens and Julia Fulton Webb. John's mother died when he was age five. During the Civil War he had no choice but follow his father around from Army camp to Army camp. After his father was killed at the battle of Shiloh, he was sent to live with his maternal step-grandmother who was raising his younger brother. After a world class education and being trained in law, John Sharp Williams served as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1893 to 1909. Following this he served in the U.S. Senate, through World War I. After the collapse of the League of Nations, John Sharp had become disgusted with politics, saying he would "rather be a hound dog and bay at the moon than to spend one minute in the Senate after the expiration of my term of office." John Sharp is buried in the family cemetery at Cedar Grove Plantation near Benton, Yazoo Co., MS.

            • Duke Williams, b. 20 Oct 1856, d. 1 Oct 1861

            • Christopher Harris "Kit" Williams, b. 19 Apr 1859, Married 8 may 1884 in Yazoo City, MS to Sallie S. Cocke.

        5. Lydia Harris Williams, married Jesse Taylor.

        6. Charles H. Williams

        7. Flora Aspasia Narcissa Williams, married Tobiah Wolf.

        8. Mary Williams, married Dr. J. Hand.

        9. Edna Williams, married Mr. Meleria.

        10. Augustus Williams

      2. Henrietta Williams. Married  Col. Richard Simpson, Richmond, Ky.

      3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams, b. 15 Oct 1773, d. 21 Aug 1841. Married to Brig. Gen. Azariah Graves of Caswell Co., NC, a veteran of the War of 1812.

    3. Nathaniel Williams, (sometimes referred to as Nathaniel Williams, Jr.) b. 1 Oct 1741, Hanover Co., Va., d. 25 Jan 1805, Rockingham Co., NC. (Accidentally drowned while trying to ford a swollen stream.) Married abt 1763 to Mary Ann Williamson, born 2 Jan 1744, d. aft 1803.  Mary Ann was the sister of Eliz. Williamson, [wife of  Nathaniel's brother, John Williams (b. 7 July 1740)].  Resided in portion of Caswell County that became Rockingham County. From the Salisbury District, Rockingham Co., 1790 Census of N.C. Nathaniel Williams entry listed: 3 white males of 16 years & upward including heads of the family, 1 white male under 16 years, 6 free white females including heads of families, 13 slaves. Member of the Hillsboro Provincial Congress. War Service: Captain, North Carolina Militia at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge. Also was on the expedition to Wilmington and Cape Fear.  Transferred to the Continental Army. Nathaniel B. Williams, 2nd Lt., 8th North Carolina Nov 28, 1776; 1st Lt. 10th North Carolina Jan 23 1781; Transferred 4th North Carolina, Feb 6, 1782. [See Nathaniel Williams' will at end of document]

      1. Robert Williams, b. 30 Oct 1766, Orange Co., NC, d. 25 Jan 1836, Ouachita, La. Buried on his plantation near Monroe, Louisiana. Married 2 Oct 1790, Stokes Co., NC to Minerva Elizabeth Winston, b. abt 1775 NC, d. 25 Jul 1814 MS. Daughter of Major Joseph Winston and Elizabeth Lanier.  North Carolina Representative to Congress 1797-1803. Commissioner of Land Titles, Mississippi Territory, 1804. Appointed Territorial Governor of Mississippi Territory by President Thomas Jefferson, until his term expired in March 1809.

        1. Eliza Winston Williams, married John M. A. Hambler

      2. Nathaniel Williams, b. 14 Aug 1768, Orange Co., NC.  Married 26 Jun 1792 in Caswell Co., NC to Elizabeth Frances Dixon, b. at. 1774, Caswell Co., NC, d. bef 1840 Bedford Co., TN.

      3. Marmaduke Williams, III b. 6 Apr 1774, Caswell Co., NC, 29 Oct 1850, Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Married on 25 Dec 1798, Caswell Co., NC to Agnes Payne Harris, b. 2 Jan 1775, Pittsylvania Co., Va, d. 28 or 29 Aug 1850, Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Agnes was the widow of Robert Harris.  Marmaduke served as North Carolina Representative to Congress from 1803-1809, moved from North Carolina in 1810, settling in Tuscaloosa,  Alabama in 1818. Candidate for Governor, State Senate 1821-1839,  Judge of Tuscaloosa County Court 1832-1842. History of Alabama & dictionary of Ala. Biography 4 Volumes by Thomas M. Owens - says Marmaduke Williams died Tuscaloosa, son of Nathaniel & Mary Ann Williams was brother to Robert Williams., Gov. of Miss. Territory. Owens was Marmaduke's grandson & Ala. State Archivist.

        1. Dolly Payne Williams, b. ca 1805, married Thomas Owen (a Judge)

        2. Agnes Payne Williams, b. ca 1807, married Hopson Owen..

        3. Matilda Williams, b. ca 1812, married John McCay

        4. James Madison Williams, married  _____ Thompson.

        5. Maria Louisa Williams, b. ca 1815, married Leonard B. Neal

        6. Harriett Sanders Williams, b. ca 1819, married Leonard B. Neal

        7. Mary Elizabeth Williams, married Dr. James Guild

        8. Charles Lewis Williams

      4. Mary "Polly" Williams, b. 19 Feb 1776, Caswell Co., NC, d. 13 Mar 1852, Jackson, Hinds Co., MS. Married Gideon Fitz on 5 July 1807, St. Landry Parish, LA. Gideon Fitz was the Surveyor General of the Mississippi Territory. He died 12 Sep 1859, LeFlore Co., MS.

      5. John Williams, Jr., b. 15 Aug 1777, Caswell Co., NC, d. aft 1870, Bedford Co., TN. Married 1st, Susannah Dixon on 10 Jan 1800 in Caswell Co., NC. Susannah was born abt. 1782, d. bef 1840 Bedford Co., TN. Susannah Dixon was daughter of Lt. Col. Henry Dixon and Martha Francis Wynne. John married 2nd a widow, Nancy Byrams, Bedford Co., TN. Resided in the Richmond vicinity of Bedford County, NC.  Lawyer, raised horses. [John, Jr. is believed by this author to have been named after his uncle, Col. John Williams, b. 1740. Col. John Williams, a Revolution War officer, whom was married to Elizabeth Williamson, sister of Nathaniel's wife Mary Ann. Col. John Williams did not have a son named John, at least any that survived infancy.] Note: There is a possibility that there was one more son, named Howell Williams, born to John and Susannah.

        1. Louisa Williams, b. abt 1801. Married Robert J. Greer.

        2. Wynne D Williams, b. ca. 1804, TN. Married Mary B. __________. Buried at Dryer-Big Springs Cemetery near  Pleasent Grove Tennessee. (Source: Eugene Hampton) [Will of Wynn D. Williams, written 16 July 1859, Bedford Co., TN
          Probated July 1870 Wife Mary B. Williams "gets land where I now live..." Daughter Mary H. Byrd "gets the Fonville place..." Samuel Byrd Two grandchildren: Sarah Jane Williams & Wynn D. Williams, heirs of Wynn R. Williams, deceased
          Witnesses: Othneil Rice & Mary Rice.]

          1. Wynn R. Williams

            • Sarah Jane Williams

            • Wynn D. Williams

          2. Mary H. Williams. Married Samuel Byrd.

        3. Robert D. Williams, b. ca 1808, TN. Married Marjorie _______.

          1. Susan Williams, b. ca 1838

          2. Joseph Williams, b. ca 1840

          3. Andrew Williams, b. ca 1842

          4. Robert Williams, b. ca 1846

          5. John R. Williams, b. ca1848

          6. Martha Williams, b. ca 1851

        4. John Jefferson Williams, b. ca 1814, TN, d. 19 Sept 1864. Occupation: Horse trader. Died of pneumonia while on a horse buying trip to Louisiana. Married Abilene Hart, b. 17 July 1820, Davidson Co., NC, d. 18 Jan 1902, Christian Co., Mo. Daughter of  Henry Hart and Barbara Lambeth.

          1. Susan (Sarah) Williams, 22 August 1840, Bedford County, Richmond, TN. She married 1st James Young, 5 August 1861 in Bedford County, Tennessee (Source: Book 35,000 Tenn. Marriage Rec. Vol 3 P 453), son of John and Mariah Young. He was born 1839 in Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee (Source: 1850-1860 Bedford Co. Tennessee Census), and died 31 December 1862 in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He was a Private 12th Tenn Infantry CSA and was killed at the battle before Murfreesboro, Tennessee on December 31, 1862. (One child, Josephine, b. 1861, was produced from this marriage. Josephine later used the surname of her step-father, James Solomon.)  Susan Williams married 2nd: James W. Solomon 21 April 1864 in Bedford County, Tennessee (Source: Book 35,000 Tenn Marriage rec. Vol 3 P 221), son of George and Barbary Solomon. Six children 2nd marriage. He was born 1845 in Bedford County, Tennessee (Source: 1850-1860 Bedford Co. Tennessee Census), and died in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California. Buried at Sawtelle Military Cemetery. (Information from Eugene Hampton). Religion: Baptist

          2. Marmaduke Williams, b. 1843, Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee; d. Missouri. Marmaduke according to family tradition was a scout for the Confederate Army. Married Mary E. X______. (Children names and approximate births compiled by Eugene Hampton, 1880 Census for Christian County, Missouri)

            • John J. Williams, b. ca 1869

            • Sarah F. Williams, b. ca 1871

            • Mary A. Williams, b. ca 1873

            • Charles D. Williams, b. ca 1877

            • Hattie Williams, b. 1878

          3. John J. Williams, b. 1848, Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee (Source: 1860 Bedford Co. Tennessee Census.); d. Unknown.
          4. Wynn Dixon Williams, b. 20 December 1852, Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee; d. 30 July 1932, Christian County, Cleaver , Missouri. He married Mary Ellen Estes (Source: Sept. '94 Steele Report # 25.) 25 December 1879 in Christian County, Missouri, daughter of Samuel Estes and Melisina Steele. She was born 3 May 1863 in Christian County, Missouri (Source: Sept. '94 Steele Report # 25.), and died 4 September 1937 in Stone County, Missouri.
            • Myrtle M. Williams, b. Oct. 1884
            • Edna Williams, b. Oct. 1886
            • Maud Ethel Williams, b.6 Jul 1890 Clever, Christian Co., Mo., d. 9 June 1973, Christian County, Aurora, Missouri;
            • Clyde Leonard Williams, b. 13 Jan 1893 Lawrence County, Marionville, Missouri; d. 11 April 1982, Sedgwick County, Wichita, Kansas.
            • Harry S. Williams, b. Nov 1894
          5. Frances Williams, b. ca1855 Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee;
          6. Mary E. Williams, b. ca 1860, Bedford County, Richmond, Tennessee. Married John Davis.
          7. Callie Williams
        5. Lucy Williams, b. abt 1817 TN, d. aft 1870 (listed as "idiot", which usually meant deaf in those days.) Lived with brother John, then with Samuel and Mary Bird (Byrd) (married sister, Mary H. Williams) in 1870 census.

        6. Martha Williams, b. 1 Apr 1821, Bedford Co., TN, d. 24 Apr 1889, Christian Co., Mo. Married John B. Ruby, b. 7 Jan 1819 KY, d. 30 Mar 1887.

        7. Thomas J. Williams, b. abt. 1822 Bedford Co., TN.  Married Sarah Bain.

          1. Francis Williams, b.1849

          2. Martha Williams, b.1850

        8. Joseph Mack Williams, b. 13 Jun 1823, Bedford Co., TN, d. 24 Aug 1905, Christian Co., Mo. Buried at Wisehill Cemetery, near Clever. On 1 May 1843 married Cynthia Dixon Wise in Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN. She was born 21 Oct. 1829, TN, d. 7 Jul 1888 Christian Co., Mo. Joseph Mack is often listed in records as" Joseph Mc Williams" or "Joseph McWilliams". Before moving to Missouri, he lived next to his father but is identified in land records as Joseph McWilliams. Cynthia Wise was a daughter of Henry and Margaret Wise. Came to Missouri in 1859. Members of Wisehill Christian Church. Settled two miles south of Wilson's Creek, on the Wire Road. Two years later the Civil War broke out and the Battle of Wilson's Creek was fought.  Union and Confederate troops marched through farm, crops destroyed, livestock killed, food not buried in the woods stolen. Home used as temporary hospital, before being abandoned, and later burned. Brother-in-law, Pleasant Hart (married to sister Mary) served as guide to Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, commanding Union forces.  Joseph Mack loyally served in Co. B, 72nd Enrolled Missouri Militia, fighting in the 1st and 2nd Battles of Springfield, Mo.  (The Enrolled Missouri Militia was mandatory service for all males 18-45, organized by Union Provisional government of Missouri, after elected State government went into exile.)

          1. Joseph Henry Williams, b. 28 Nov 1845 Bedford Co., TN Married Mary Pierce.

          2. Mary F. Williams, b. 13 May 1847 Bedford Co., TN, d. 26 Jul 1902. Married James Fugitt, 5 Nov 1867.

          3. James Jasper Williams, b. 22 Feb 1850 Bedford Co., TN, d. 29 Nov 1926 Clever, Christian Co., Mo. Married Martha Jane Nichols.

          4. Margaret Williams, b. May 1851 Bedford Co., TN, d. in infancy.

          5. Thomas J. Williams, b. Sep 1852, d. in infancy.

          6. Victory Jane Williams, b. 24 Jun 1854 Bedford Co., TN, d. 4 Jan 1926. Married Edward Benton Davis on 13 December 1874 in Christian County, Ozark, Missouri, son of George Davis and Sarah Hart. He was born 19 September 1854 in Tennessee, and died 20 September 1944 in Missouri. Buried Wisehill Cemetery, Christian Co., Mo.  Five Children.

          7. John J. "Cotton John" Williams, b. 10 Jan 1856, Bedford Co., TN, d. 13 Mar 1913. Married Margaret Wolfe. Buried at Crane Cem., Stone Co., Mo.

          8. Robert D. Williams, b. 2 Oct 1857 Bedford Co., TN, Married Ella Beavers.

          9. Wynne D. Williams, b. 8 Aug 1861 Christian Co., Mo. Married Maggie Coffman (Kaufman ?). Invented the "Williams Engine", a steam engine. Moved to Pennsylvania.

          10. David Vance Williams, b. 31 Aug 1864, Missouri. d. 1945, Clever, Christian Co., Mo. Married Martha Jane Luce in Ozark, Mo. on 26 Nov 1886. Daughter of Royal Luce and Margaret O'Neal of Greene Co., Mo. 

            • James Oliver "Ollie" Williams, b. 10 May 1888, Christian County, Missouri; d. 10 February 1972, St. Louis County, Missouri. (Grandfather of Scott K. Williams, Florissant Mo.)

            • Zora Anna Williams, b. 15 January 1890, Christian County, Missouri; d. 3 March 1920, Christian County, Missouri.

            • Emma Francis Williams, b. 7 September 1892; d. 17 November 1966.

            • Lula Alice Williams, b. 20 September 1893, Christian County, Missouri; d. 28 June 1978, Christian County, Missouri.

          11. Harriet Williams, b. 20 Mar 1867 Christian Co., Mo., d. 12 Apr 1942. Married 1st to George Thomas Wise. Married 2nd to W.C. "Green" Meacham. Had no children but raised Vance's three daughters after their mother died, about 1895)

        9. Mary B. Williams, b. 1825, Bedford Co., TN, d. 5 June 1846 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN. Married Pleasant A. Hart. Son of Henry Hart and Barbara Lambeth. Pleasant A. Hart was a guide for Gen. Nathaniel Lyon at Battle of Wilson's Creek. Later served as Lt. in Union Army. Born 1819 in Davidson County, North Carolina, d. 1867 Christian County, Missouri. Pleasant Hart married a Mary Catherine Bain after death of 1st wife Mary Williams. (Four children to 1st wife.)

        10. Henry Williams b. Abt. 1826, Bedford County, Tennessee; d. Aft. 1870. Married Nancy _____.  (Source on children: Bedford County, TN Census 1860/ 1870--Eugene Hampton)
          1. John Williams, b. ca 1843 Bedford Co., TN
          2. Mary Williams, b. ca 1850 Bedford Co., TN
          3. Susan A. Williams, b. ca 1851 Bedford Co., TN
          4. James Williams, b. ca 1856 Bedford Co., TN
          5. Martha Williams, b. ca 1857 Bedford Co., TN
          6. Talton Williams, b. ca 1859 Bedford Co., TN
          7. Virginia Williams, b. ca 1861 Bedford Co., TN
          8. W. D. Williams, b. 1864 Bedford Co., TN
          9. S. S. Williams, b.1865 Bedford Co., TN
          10. T. N. Williams, b. 1868 Bedford Co., TN
        11. Lewis E. Williams, b. 22 Mar 1843, Bedford Co., TN (child of John's 2nd wife, Nancy Byrams), d. 24 Aug 1933 Christian Co., Mo. Married Nancy Wise abt 1862, Bedford Co., TN. Nancy Wise was a daughter of Henry and Margaret Wise. Came to Missouri about 1870, settled adjacent to 1/2 brother Joseph Mack Williams near Clever, Christian Co., Mo. Buried at cemetery in Marionsville, Lawrence Co., Mo.

          1. Goldie Williams, b. 10 July 1864, Bedford Co., TN. Married Ira Keener. Moved to Christian Co., Mo. No children.

          2. John Jefferson "Jeff" Williams, b. 10 Dec 1865, Bedford Co., TN. Married Ellen Peters. Moved to OK

          3. James Henry Williams, b. 1 Jan 1867, Bedford Co., TN. Married Sally Lentz. Moved to Missouri but killed in RR accident at Logan, Mo.

          4. Victoria Sidney "Sid" Williams, b. 1 Oct 1868, Bedford Co., TN. Married William F. Wiles. Moved to OK

          5. Melinda Evalyne "Dink" Williams, b. 27 Jun 1870, Bedford Co., TN, d. 7 July 1935, Baker Co., OR. Married Rosswell "Ross" King Wiles.

          6. Saint Lewis Williams, b. 22 Jul 1873, Christian Co., Mo., Married 9 Nov 1903 Ozark, Christian Co., Mo. to Emma Points.

          7. Robert Mack Williams, b. 12 May 1875, Clever, Christian Co., Mo. d. 7 Jul 1902 Christian Co., Mo. Never married.

          8. Betty (Betsie) Williams, b. 27 Jun 1877, Clever, Christian Co., Mo., d. 5 Nov 1953. Married Herman Walters.

        12. Harriet Williams, b. ca. 1846, Bedford Co., Mo. (child of John's 2nd wife, Nancy Byrams). Married Frank Freeman.

        13. Frances Sarah Williams, b. 19 Nov 1848, Bedford Co., Mo.(child of John's 2nd wife, Nancy Byrams), d. 19 Jul 1940 Christian Co., Mo. Buried at Frazier Cemetery. Married  Alexander Hardin "Preach" Solomon.

      6. Nancy Ann Williams, b. 16 Feb 1780 in Caswell Co., NC. Married Joseph Scales. Family  moved to Iowa.

      7. Elizabeth Williams, b. 12 July 1784, Caswell Co., NC. Married Isaac Baldwin on 13 July 1815, St. Landry Parish, LA. He was a lawyer. Their only son, also name Isaac Baldwin, Jr. died 1845 unmarried and in his Succession in 1845 in New Orleans in the Civil District Court. Mary Williams and husband Gideon Fitz are named as well as his other living aunts and uncles. (source: Eugene Hampton). Note of interest: In Isaac Baldwin's will, he gives most of his estate (all money derived from the sale of his plantation, horses, cattle, land, and slaves) to his slave, Laura Taylor, whom he emancipates along with her husband William Taylor. The slave also was to receive personal effects, horses, carriages, and books. He makes note that this slave resided with him in Florence. Will dated 11 Aug 1845.)

      8. Rebecca Williams, b. 28 Jun 1787, Caswell Co., NC. Married Thomas Blackwell.

      9. Lucinda Williams, b. 03 Jan 1791, Caswell Co., NC. Married John Armstrong. (Tradition claims she died three months before the "Succession of Isaac Baldwin" so she was left out. (source: Eugene Hampton)

    4. Robert Williams, b. 4 Aug 1744, Hanover Co., Va, d. 1790. Lawyer and as Commonwealth Attorney for Pittsylvania and Henry Counties of Virginia. Married 10 Oct 1774 Orange/Granville Co., NC to Sarah Lanier Williams, b. 12 Dec 1748, Lunenburg Co., Va, d. aft 1804. Sarah Lanier Williams was d/o dau. of Thos. and Eliz. Hicks Lanier, widow of  Robert's cousin, Joseph Williams, s/o Daniel Williams and Ursula Henderson. Resided near Sandy Creek of  Bannister River, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. According to one source (Fran Laird), Robert and Sarah had five children (names not known at this time). 

    5. Joseph Williams, also known as "Duke of Surry" or "Joseph of Shallow Ford", b. 27 Mar 1748, Hanover Co., Va., d. 11 Aug 1827, Surry Co., NC. Married 16 Sept 1772, Oxford, Granville Co., NC to Rebecca Lanier, b. 27 Jan 1757, d. 20 Mar 1823, Orange Co., NC. Buried at Panther Creek Cemetery, Surry Co., NC. Member of the Hillsboro Provincial Congress. Appointed Lt. Colonel by the Provincial Congress on 9 Sept 1775. Promoted to Colonel in command of Williams' Battalion, North Carolina Militia.

      1. Robert Overton Williams, b. 12 Jul 1773, Caswell Co., NC; d. 27 May 1821, Knoxville, TN. Married on 2 Feb 1815, Rebecca Jan Smith, b. 11 Sept 1787, d. 14 Oct. 1842. Member of NC State Senate 1792-1795, U.S. Congress 1797-1803. He died on a visit to his brother, Col. John Williams, in Knoxville, TN. He is buried at the First Presbyterian Church graveyard in that city.

      2. Joseph "Logtown Joe" Williams, b. 12 Oct 1775, d. 5 Oct 1840, Surry Co., NC.  Married 21 Jul 1806, Susannah Martin Taylor.

        1. Susan Williams, married Col. James Richard Dodge (nephew of author and diplomat, Washington Irving). James "Colonel" title was honorary and not military.  He was born. 27 Oct 1795 Jamestown, New York. died 24 Feb 1880. Of seven children born to this couple, four survived birth. Susan and James Dodge lived their final years with their daughter, Annie Glenn at her Sauratown Plantation, near Draper, Rockingham County, NC. They are buried in the Brodnax cemetery.

          1. Richard Irving Dodge. b. 19 May 1827, Huntsville, NC; d. 16 June 1895, Sacketts Harbour, New York. Married 3 March 1858 to Julia Rhinelander Paulding at Tarrytown, New York. Dodge Graduated 19th of 38 cadets from the 1848 class of West Point Academy.  He began his military career as a breveted 2nd Lt. of 8th Infantry at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo. He was transferred with his company to Ft. Lincoln, near San Antonio, Texas, where he served under 1st Lt. James Longstreet. From 1848 to 1856, while in the Texas theatre, Dodge learned about the culture, how to track, and how to fight Comanche raiders. In 1856 he was transferred to New York to become a recruiter for the Army. Shortly thereafter he was assigned to West Point to serve as an instructor. At the outbreak of the Civil War, was promoted to Captain in Co. G, 8th Infantry. After the regiment fell apart (due to resignations and chaos of the impending war), Dodge's company was assigned to an odd assortment of troops under the command of Col. George A. Thomas (Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell division) and fought bravely at the Battle of First Bull Run (1st Manassas). However, Capt. Dodge's southern roots caused him to reconsider his participation in the war. "I am a North Carolinian...A large portion of my relations and friends reside in that state, and many of them including a brother in law, Uncle, and several more distant relatives are now serving in the Rebel Armies...I have no sympathy with Rebels, as I have attempted to show in the recent battle, but I cannot take part in a contest, when I am afraid to look at a heap of slain enemies, because I may there see the body of near and dear friends. I have no heart for the fight. If I have done my duty, it is has been from no desire to injure my opponents, but simply because it was duty.  It was necessary to go into battle, or my enemies would have said "He is a rebel or a coward".  I have fought one battle. I have proved I am neither the one or the other, and now I feel that I have done enough for honor and for principle, and that I have a right now somewhat to consult feeling." With this notice he requested to be reassigned to a post where he no longer took part in the "horrid necessity of fighting my own brothers." While sitting out the fighting, Dodge supported the Union effort by instructing troops, overseeing recruiting, acting Assistant Provost Marshal General in Pennsylvania and New York. Dodge was not a soldier whose career pursued fame or for the rank of General. By Abiding his principles, Dodge's Army career never fully recovered, as it continually kept him subordinate to many of his contemporaries.  Dodge took part in the Great Sioux War, exploration of the Black Hills, established forts on the frontier (even one named after him at Ft. Dodge, Kansas).  Biographer, Wayne R. Kime, in his book, Colonel Richard Irving Dodge: The Life and Times of a Career Army Officer, University of Oklahoma Press; Norman; 2006, writes, "Dodge admired Plains Indians for their bravery and military prowess, and he lamented the end of their life brought on by confinement on reservations and the wholesale slaughter of buffalo...he regretted that the unspoiled western wilderness he loved was shrinking under the onslaught of Anglo-American settlement...yet he considered the Indians to be 'savages', who would not accept civilization unless threatened by force." Outside of his military career, Dodge is most noted for the city named after him, "Dodge City, Kansas" and for the books, "The Plains of the Great West, and their Inhabitants" (1877); "The Black Hills: A Minute Description of Routes, Secenery, Soil, Climate, Zoology, ect. (1876). Dodge and wife are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section WE, Site lot 94-D,

          2. Susan Taylor Dodge, born 20 April 1829, Married Franklin B. McMillan, died at age 24. Buried at "Log Town"

          3. Ann Sarah Dodge, born 31 Mar 1831; married Chalmers Lanier Glenn of Rockingham County, NC. Buried at Greensboro, NC

          4. Mary Helen Dodge, b. 15 Mar 1833, d. 1915 at Winston, Forsythe Co., NC. Became blind as a child, educated at blind school in Raleigh, NC and in New York City studied music and art.

        2. John Taylor Williams. Married Mary Catharine Somerville

          1. Rebecca Williams, married John Franklin Deaderick.

      3. John Williams, b. 29 Jan 1778, Surry Co., NC. d. 10 Aug 1837 near Knoxville, TN. He is buried at the First Presbyterian Church graveyard in that city. Married Melinda White, d/o Gen. James White. Capt of 6th U.S. Infantry 1799-1800; Captain of U.S. Regulars in the War of 1812. Colonel of East Tennessee Mounted Volunteers during the Seminole War, Colonel of the 39th U.S. Infantry, 1813 and served under Gen. Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.  Served in the U.S. Senate from 1814 to 1823. Appointed by John Quincy Adams as the Charge d'Affaires to the Central American Federation; served in State Senate 1827-1828.

        1. Mary Lawson Williams, b. ca 1806. Married DeWitt H. McNutt, on 19 Mar 1831 in Knox County, TN. Died 12 Nov 1845. Three children born to this marriage.

        2. Joseph Lanier Williams. Born 23 Oct 1807, Knoxville, Tennessee (some records say born in Surry Co., NC). Attended U.S. Military Academy at West Point and University of East Tennessee. Lawyer, Member of Congress 1837-1843. Appointed Judge of U.S. District Court of Dakota Territory by President Lincoln. Married Malinda Robert Williams, a cousin. Died 14 Dec 1865. Buried at Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee.

        3. Fanny Williams, b. 22 Jul 1810. Knoxville, Tennessee. Died in infancy.

        4. Margaret Williams, b. 5 Feb 1814, Knoxville, Tennessee, d. 1859. Married Richmond Mumford Pearson on 12 Jun 1832. Pearson was Chief Justice of North Carolina 1858-1878.

        5. John Williams, b. 7 Mar 1818, Knoxville, Tennessee, d. 21 Apr 1881. Married Rhoda Campbell Morgan in 1 Jan 1845. Represented Knox County in the State Legislature. In 1861 he sternly voted against secession of the State of Tennessee.  Remained a devout Unionist through the Civil War.

          1. Rufus Morgan Williams, b. ca 1846. Knoxville, Tennessee. Married Harriet Brooks. Resided in New York City to practice law.

          2. James Chamberlain Jones Williams, b. 8 Sept 1847, Knoxville, Tennessee, d. 8 Apr 1933. Married Ann Strong Hazen. Was an Attorney General.

          3. John Williams, b. ca 1850. Married Elizabeth Nelson.

          4. Thomas Lanier Williams, II, b. 1859. Married Isabel Coffin. Studied Law. Gubernatorial Candidate. Tennessee State Railroad Commissioner.

            • Ella  Williams

            • Isabelle Williams, married William Gannaway Brownlow.

            • Cornelius Coffin Williams, b. 21 Aug 1879, Knoxville, TN, d. 27 Mar 1957, Knoxville, TN. Married Edwina Dakin. (Parents of Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams, American playwright, 1911-1983)

          5. Elizabeth Trigg Williams, Married Joseph W. Sneed.

          6. Edward D. P. Williams

          7. Melinda White Williams, b. 27 Mar 1858, d. 27 Sep 1928. Married Richard Lafayette Cox on 31 Oct 1856.

        6. Cynthia Williams, b. 1820. Married 1st to Dr. John Kennedy, married 2nd to Robert Williams.

        7. Susan Williams, 18 Nov 1824, d. 3 Jul 1877, married 14 Jan 1847 to John Leese Moses.

        8. Charles Williams, b. 1826, d. 1838 Greenville, TN

      4. Nathaniel Williams, b. 9 Dec 1780, d. abt 1800. Buried at Panther Creek Cemetery.

      5. William Williams, b. 8 Aug 1783, d. 4 Dec 1818. Married Sarah King, d/o of Col. James and Sarah Goodson King. Postmaster of Strawberry Plains, TN and merchant.

        1. Rebekah Lanier Williams, died in infancy.

        2. Sarah King "Sallie" Williams, b. 6 Jan 1812, Strawberry Plains, TN. d. 5 Apr 1842 after birth of 8th child. Married 10 Oct 1826 to Rev. Thomas Stringfield (Methodist minister), editor of the Southwestern Christian Advocate. 1827-1828, owner and editor of Knoxville Enquirer. Founder of Strawberry Plains College.

      6. Lewis Williams, b. 1 Feb 1786, Surry Co., NC. d. 23 Feb 1842, Washington DC. U.S. Congressman from 1815 to 1842. He is buried at Panther Creek, Surry Co.,  NC. He was known as the "Father of the House" at the time of his death.  

      7. Thomas Lanier Williams, twin brother of Lewis Williams, b. 1 Feb 1786. d. 3 Dec 1856. Buried at Nashville, TN. On 9 Aug 1811 he married Mary Lawson McClung, b. 28 May 1792, d. 16 Jun 1828, d/o Charles McClung and Margaret White McClung (d/o Gen. James White). He served in the State legislature and senate, as well as once a Supreme court justice for the State of Tennessee.

        1. Rebecca Williams, b. 21 Oct 1812, d. 1849 Lexington, KY. Married 1st: Bulloch B. Mitchell. Married 2nd to Richard Pindell Shelby, son of Gov. Shelby of Kentucky.

        2. Charles McClung Williams, b. 29 Nov 1815.

        3. Margaret McClung Williams, b. 7 Oct 1817, Knoxville, TN, d. 18 Mar 1899 Austin, TX. On 31 May 1841, married 1st: John Gaines Miller, former U.S. Congressman from Booneville, Missouri;  On 11 May 1873 married 2nd to Hugh W. Douglas.

        4. Malinda  Williams, b. 9 Feb 1820, d. 31 Dec 1862 Saline Co., MO Married Judge William Barclay Napton on 27 Mar 1838. Judge of Missouri Supreme Court, 1838 and Chief Justice 1845-1851. Ten children born to them.

        5. Frances Elizabeth Williams, b. 4 Jun 1823, d. 13 Feb 1894, Greenville, MS. Married Dr. John Walker Percy, a physcian (1817-1864).

        6. Lewis Williams, b. 9 Feb 1825.

        7. Mary Lawson Williams, b. 12 Sep 1826, d. 18 Oct 1891 Haymarket, VA. Married Edmund Berkeley (1823-1915), Colonel of 8th Virginia Infantry, CSA.

      8. Rebecca Lanier Williams, b. 22 Mar 1788, d. 28 Nov 1832, married Col. John Hunt Wimbish on 16 Sep 1810. Lived in Halifax Co., Va. Son, John Wimbish 1812-1905, was a Colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

      9. Sterling Williams, b. 10 Mar 1791, d. 6 May 1792.

      10. Alexander Williams, b. 28 Apr 1793, d. 4 Aug 1852. Married 29 Sep 1823 to Catherine Douglas Dickson, daughter of Col. William Dickson and Eliza Douglas of Greenville, TN.  In their mansion in Greenville, they entertained guest like the Marquis de Lafayette, Davy Crockett, Henry Clay, Presidents Andrew Jackson and James Knox Polk. Gen. John Hunt Morgan, CSA slept here (3 Sept 1864, the night before he was killed by Union troops.)  

        1. Elizabeth Douglas Williams, b. 5 June 1824, d. 7 Sept 1873. Married 13 April 1843 to William Henry Sneed.

        2. __________Williams, son born 1826. (assume died in infancy)

        3. William Dickson Williams, b. 1828, d. 1906.  Married Sarah Ann Broyles on 1 Aug 1860. Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Greeneville, TN.

          1. Alexander Williams, b. 22 Jun 1861. Died in infancy.

          2. William Dickson Williams, Jr. b. 16 Nov 1862. d. 4 Sep, 1927. Lawyer in Knoxville, TN. Unmarried.

          3. Lucian Taliaferro Williams, b. 17 Sep 1865, d. 18 Apr 1897. Unmarried.

          4. Margaret Douglas Williams, b. 25 Mar 1868, d. 2 Feb 1897. Unmarried.

          5. John Quinard Williams, b. 10 Jul 1871 d. 31 Aug 1931. Unmarried.

          6. Marie Lanier Williams, b. 29 Aug 1875, d. 1970. Unmarried.

          7. Zoe Lucile Willliams, b. 23 Sep 1878 d. 31 Aug 1939. Unmarried.

        4. Joseph Alexander Williams, b. 3 May 1832, d. 21 Jun 1913. Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Greeneville, TN.  Married 1st Lucy Rumbaugh in 1861. Divorced.  Married 2nd to Mary Pattent in 1881.  Served in the Union Army.

        5. Thomas Lanier Williams, b. 7 Sept 1838, d. 13 Sep 1895. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Greeneville, TN. Married Mary Margaret Simpson May on 1 May 1870. Thomas was a Captain in the Confederate Army.

          1. Eliza Sneed "Lida" Williams, Married Robert O. Hunter.

          2. Richard Franklin Williams, married Annie Huff.

          3. William Dickson Williams, b. 3 Mar 1878, Greenville, TN, d. 26 Jan 1934. Married Martha Ann Naff on 9 Nov 1910.

          4. Thomas Lanier Williams, Jr. , b. 1877, d. 21 Apr 1902.

          5. Maria L. Williams, b. 1884, d. 1904.

          6. Anna Simpson Williams, b. 30 Jun 1886, d. 30 Aug 1970. Married Basil Hyder.

      11. Francis Lanier Williams, b. 20 Apr 1796. Married John P. Erwin on 13 Jun 1815.

      12. Nicholas Lanier Williams, b. 4 Feb 1800 Panther Creek, Surry Co., NC. Established "Old Nick Williams Co." which was established in 1768 and made whiskey and other liquors. Married Mary Graves Kerr, a Williams cousin, on 4 Aug 1824 in Halifax, NC.  His summer home, "the Cabins", was in Ashe County, up in the mountains. In 1885, their main home, "Panther Creek", built by Col. Joseph Williams burnt down. A lot of family history and heirlooms were destroyed. This was located in Yadkin County, NC. Nicholas died 3 Dec 1886 and buried with his wife in Panther Creek cemetery. His wife Mary had proceeded him, dying on 29 June 1884.

        1. Elizabeth "Bettie" Kerr Williams, b. 11 Oct 1826, d. 1 Jul 1861.  Married to John Alexander Lillington on 9 Aug 1842.

        2. Rebecca Lanier Williams, b. 1 Mar 1829, d. 5 Apr 1829

        3. Mary Lewis Williams, b. 31 Oct 1830, d. 17 Oct 1845.

        4. Fanny Sarah Williams, b. 16 Aug 1833, d. 24 Oct 1835.

        5. Joseph Williams, b. 7 Jan 1836, d. 9 Nov 1887. Buried at Panther Creek Cem. Married Margaret Louisa "Lou" Clen in Feb 1863.  Owned the distillery and marketed "Old Nick Williams" Whiskey.

        6. Mary Lewis Williams, b. 6 Apr 1870, Yadkin Co., NC, d. 5 Sep 1950. Married Robert Scales on 16 Feb 1888.

        7. Nicholas Lanier Williams, Jr., b. 14 Mar 1838 Yadkin Co., NC, d. 5 Nov 1866.

        8. John Kerr Williams, b. 22 Dec 1841, d. 23 Mar 1842.

        9. Lewis James Williams, b. 30 Mar 1847. d.  3 Dec 1890. Married Sarah Alef "Sallie" Smith, daughter of Col. William Gaston Smith and Eliza S. Nelme on 23 Mar 1869.

  6.  Elizabeth Williams, b. 14 Sept 1714, Hanover Co., Va., d. 12 May 1790 Granville Co., NC. Married Samuel Henderson, 14 Nov 1732, Hanover Co., Va.  Samuel was the son of Richard Henderson and Mary Washer of Ashland, Granville Co., NC.

  7.  Sarah W. Williams, b. 15 Feb 1716, Hanover Co., Va. Married Thomas Castello.

  8.  Joseph Williams, b. 1 Jan 1721, Hanover Co., Va. d. 1 Oct. 1792, Elbert Co., Ga. Will proved 15 Oct. 1792, Elbert Co., Ga. Married Henrietta Jouett, b. 20 Apr 1727 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Va, d. aft 1778, GA.  She was the daughter of Matthew Jouett and Susannah ______. Church affiliation: Baptist.

    1. John Williams, b. 1747, Hanover Co., Va, d. 30 Apr 1795 Lunenburg Co., Va. On 4 Jan 1768 Cumberland Co., Va married Frances Harefield Hughes. Title: Baptist Preacher, Rev.

      1. Henrietta Williams, b. ca. 1768, Lunenburg Co., Va; Married William Thompson on 7 Aug 1786, Charlotte, Va.

      2. Ann Hughes Williams, b. ca. 1770, Lunnenburg Co., VA. Married 1st George J. Carrington on 4 Sept 1788, Charlotte, VA; Married 2nd, Benjamin Harrison.

      3. Robert Hughes Williams, b. 18 Mar 1773, Lunenburg Co., VA. d. 19 Aug 1823, Lunenburg, VA; Married Nancy C. Ellis on 16 Nov 1797, Lunenburg Co., VA.

      4. Martha Hughes Williams, b. ca. 1774, Lunnenburg Co., Va.

      5. Matthew Jouett Williams, b. ca. 1776, Lunenburg, VA; d. aft Feb 1831. Married Elizabeth Scott, 11 Dec 1812, Charlotte, VA.

      6. Frances Harefield Williams, b. 6 Nov 1780 VA; d. 18 Dec 1851, Lunenburg Co., Va. Married John Knight, Jr., circa 1798, VA.

      7. Joseph W. Williams, b. ca. 1782, Powhatan, Va?. d. aft 1827

      8. David Hughes Williams, b. 16 Jan 1785, Charlotte, Va. d. 28 Apr 1858, Panola, MS; Buried: Davis Chapel, Sardis, Panola, MS. Married Elizabeth Woodson Knight, 27 Sep 1810, Lunenburg Co., VA

        1. Elizabeth W. Williams, b. ca. 1815, d. 1840. Married John Rochester Garland

        2. Robert Knight Williams, Married 22 Jul 1841 to Mary J. Tapscott, Morgan Co., AL

        3. David Hughes Williams, Jr. b. ca. 1822 VA; Married Susannah Evans on 22 Jan 1851, Morgan Co., AL, d/o Nathaniel Evans and Jane Pride.

        4. Thomas W. Williams, b. ca 1823, Married Nancy H. Tindall on 12 Nov 1845, Morgan Co., AL.

        5. Susan Ann Frances Williams, b. 21 Dec 1825, Morgan Co., AL, d. 19 Apr 1876 Panola, MS; Married Middleton Ford Wilson, 20 Nov 1850, Morgan Co., AL.

        6. Sarah B. Williams, b. ca 1829 Morgan Co., AL

        7. Mansfield Jouett Williams, b. 2 Oct 1830, Morgan Co., AL, d. 30 Mar 1908, Rome, Floyd Co., GA. Married Mary Elizabeth Garland, 4 Jul 1860, Panola, MS

        8. George W. Williams, b. ca. 1832, Morgan Co., AL d. died in the Civil War; Unmarried.

        9. Angelina "Annie" Williams, b. 4 May 1834, Morgan Co., AL d. 20 Dec 1909, Panola, MS. Married 1st George James Shackleton, d. 2 Jun 1862, buried Davis Chapel Cem., Sardis, MS.

      9. John Woodson Williams, b. 15 Jun 1814 (or 1811) VA, d. 30 May 1857 Panola, MS. Married 1st cousin, Eliza T. Williams, on 1 Jun 1838, Lunenburg Co., VA

      10. Narcissa Williams, b. ca. 1787 Charlotte, VA; d. 1821 Powhatan, VA; Married George Taylor, 20 Jan 1807 Lunenburg Co., VA.

      11. Susanna Moore Williams, b. ca. 1789 Charlotte, VA; d. 11 Jun 1832, Lunenburg Co., VA; Married Daniel Taylor, 20 Dec 1810 Lunenburg Co., VA.

      12. Mary Polly Jouett Williams, b. ca. 1791 Charlotte, VA., d. aft 1827. Married Charles Taylor, 11 Jan 1815, Lunenburg Co., VA.

      13. Elizabeth "Betsy Ann" Williams, b. 10 Oct 1794, Lunenburg Co., VA, d. 3 Oct 1820 Lunenburg Co., VA. Married Thomas Neal Gregory, 7 Nov 1816, Lunenburg, Co., VA

      14. _______Williams (unknown infant son), b. bef 1790; d. by 4 Oct 1790, Charlotte, VA.

    2. Matthew Jouett Williams, b. abt. 1750, VA, d. 14 Aug 1818 Surry, NC (on trip visiting relatives) Will proved 25 Jan 1819, Elbert, GA. Married Barbara Walker, Sept 1772. 

      1. Joseph Williams, d. Mar/Apr 1816

      2. Matthew Jouett Williams, Jr., married Frances E. Winfrey, 29 Oct 1809. D/o of Richard Winfrey of Oglethorpe Co., Ga.

      3. Thomas Walker Williams. Married Eliza T. ______.

      4. Barbara E. Williams

      5. Mary Ann Williams, d. aft 1872, probably Elbert Co., Ga. Married Lemuel Black, 24 Mar 1794.

      6. Rebecca Williams, b. ca. 1782. Married Micajah Anthony, s/o Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark of Henry Co., Va.

      7. ___________ Williams.  Married ______ Floyd.

      8. Elizabeth Williams, b. 22 Dec 1773?, d. 18 Jan 1846 Gwinnett, Ga. Married Clement King Harrison on 16 Sep 1792, Columbia, Ga.

    Will of Nathaniel Williams,  (b. 1 Oct 1741)

    Transcribed by  Eugene Hampton from copy obtained from Lucille A. Wright, of Redlands, California

    In the name of God, Amen.
    I Nath'l (sic) Williams of the State of North Carolina and Rockingham County considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blesed (sic) be the almighty God for the same, do make ...... and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following ( to wit ). I give and bequeath to my son Duke Williams ten Shillings. Secondly, I give and bequeath to my son John Williams Ten Shillings. Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Scales, wife of Joseph Scales ten Shillings. My reason for giving the above mentioned Sons and daughter Ann Scales at this time only ten Shillings each because they each of them have I give their share of my estate previous to making this my last Will and testament. Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my son Duke Williams one hundred acres of land the North end of my land being John Watt's Land on the east side of Hogan's Creek which such land I do devise to him and his heirs forever. Fifthly (sic) I give and bequeath to my son Robert Williams my house man named Abram who is now in his possession. After my wife's death in case my son Robt. should depart this life before his Mother it's then my desire and will that my beloved Wife dispose of the said Negro as she pleases. Lastly, I devise and bequeath to my four daughters to wit Polly, Betsy, Rebecca and Lucinda, attend all manner of my estate both real and personal of what nature of kind however to them and their heirs forever to be divided between them at the decision of my two sons Robt. and Marmaduke Williams at any time that they think proper after allowing my beloved wife Ann WIlliams a sufficient portion also at their decision to support her without toil of labour (sic) and to be maintained genteely (sic) during her life. And I do hereby appoint my two sons to wit Robert Williams and Marmaduke Williams and my beloved wife Ann Williams my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of December in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three.
    Signed N. Williams
    Signed, dated and acknowledged in presence of us
    John Nance
    Wm. Nance
    Fredrick Nance
    State of N. Carolina
    May Session 1805
    Rockington County
    Williams Son was duly proved in open court by the Oaths of John Nance, William Nance and on mentioned ordered to be recorded.
    Signed Re. Gullanway C.